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Winning at Chronic Pain Academy

Traditional medicine’s approach to chronic pain is heavy on medication dispensing and procedures and light on explanations and healing. 

Our civilization has known for millennia that the power to heal lies within. Western medicine is slowly re-discovering these truths.

 Every suffering has a story. Your story.

Neuroscience research has now shown us without a shred of doubt that our story matters and affects our entire body. It starts with the central nervous system and trickles down to literally every organ and cell.

Chronic pain is a result of a dysregulated nervous system.

I focus on your story. Your story and the way you see yourself and the world.


Winning at Chronic Pain Academy


 Launches in July 2024

I show and guide you through the process of reducing your pain and other chronic symptoms.

Without meds, from the comfort of your home,

Winning at Chronic Pain Academy

Currently the ONLY course on chronic pain in the online space that includes education and coaching:

- By a board-certified Rheumatologist;

- With first hand experience with chronic pain;

- Trained in PRT (pain reprocessing therapy);

- Who is applying all of the tools she teaches on herself.


It is being offered in a online format so you can attend from the comfort of your home 🙂


This course is for you if:

  • You have been experiencing chronic pain or daily pain.
  • Your pain dictates your life and controls your schedule.
  • You tried multiple approaches including pills without substantial help.
  • You dread getting up every day because you don’t know whether you can get out of bed.
  • You Are tired of not living the life you once used to live.

The main objective of this pain course is to give you a new understanding of your pain AND tools to navigate the minefield of chronic pain. The ultimate result is to swing the pendulum, stopping the pain from controlling your life and you getting a grip on your pain. I do it by combination of instruction and coaching.

If you are someone who experiences chronic or daily pain or know someone who does really well, you know that chronic pain is a huge problem. 

I am a board-certified rheumatologist and chronic pain coach. I have been caring for patients with pain for almost two decades (eek!) and I used to experience frequent pain myself. I have learned two things as a result of my experience:

  • It is fairly easy to let physical pain dictate things we do and don’t do in our daily life
  • The pain paradigm that got me and many of my patients OUT of pain eventually was fairly easy to understand but not so easy to adopt and execute.

And that’s where I (and my course) come in.

This course was created with the sole desire to help other women (and men) with pain experience similar results to mine and my patients who had success with pain reduction. The information and tools you will learn not only helped me reduce my pain, but improved every aspect of my life including relationships and the most important one of all - the relationship with myself.

The basic principle of this new pain paradigm is this: Our mind and the body are connected. We know that without a shred of doubt. Neuroscience has been confirming this for the past 25 years. Even though we FEEL the pain in our bodies, our brains and central nervous systems are the main source of the chronic pain.

Yes, despite this unshakable evidence, the gap exists between what we know and how we talk to our patients in pain. I am one of the many physicians who are changing this trend.

In the process of this 9 week course, I show you the evidence, I give you the tools and I teach you how - how to change the tide and start feeling better. And wait, I also coach you on ALL topics related to pain to the point of you being able to learn how to coach yourself.

I will show you how your thoughts and feelings affect your pain.

Instead of a pill, you will get a new look on your brain and your thoughts. You will see how EVERYTHING we ever have been through in our lives has an effect on pain.

The topics we tackle in our 9 weeks together:

  • Neuroscience of chronic pain.
  • How we know the pain is real (even though it is not visible).
  • What do our mind, thoughts and emotions have to do with our pain (a lot, you will see).
  • How does your belief affect your pain outcome?
  • How do childhood and upbringing affect our brain (and pain).
  • The way out of pain.
  • The power of self-love and self-compassion.


You will get:

  • 9 weekly coaching sessions with me.
  • 9 weekly pre-recording “lesson modules” that you can do on your own time, before our coaching session.
  • Weekly worksheets and prompts.
  • Free 30 minute discovery session before the start of the program to ensure the course is a good fit for you.
  • Money back guarantee - please see below *


* If after completion of the program and completing all the worksheets and prompts you have not experienced any shifts in your pain and perspective you will get your money back. Refunds will be handled on an individual basis.

My fellow TEDX speaker Natasha Ickes words to me: “Martina, your talk is a gift to the world. You have changed my life and given me freedom from chronic pain. You will change countless lives for the better. Thank you”. 

My recent patient message to me: “thank you Dr. Ziegenbein for the very positive, paradigm-shifting experience of seeing you today. ”

The best news is this – even though you cannot feel it or see it now, the pain is reversible. AND it is available to you

Course specs:

  • Launch first week of July, 2024
  • 9 Weekly group sessions total
  • 30 minute session with me between payment and starting the course to confirm I am the right fit for your needs.
  • Weekly worksheets and prompts.
  • Access to protected Facebook group.

Total value this course delivers: > 5,000 USD

Your price until 6/5/2024: $599 USD

Cost after that: $1299 USD

You will experience the most powerful tool of reducing pain which is knowledge on where the pain comes from and BELIEVING In the power of your body and the mind. I will show you HOW to do it.

 You will leave feeling empowered, excited and hopeful for the future.

You know you want to get in. You want to see the other side. 

I invite you to jump.

Don’t wait, join me.

You will be happy you made this choice.

Give a gift of knowledge and power to yourself. 


I am a board certified, practicing Rheumatologist and a pain coach.I have had chronic pain for a long time. It bothered me that as a Rheumatologist I was not able to provide a better answer for my patients with chronic pain, other than meds and some general information.


Until 2021 when I found my key ingredient, the “proof”. Several things seemed to have happened simultaneously: I took a year-long course focused on a holistic, integrative approach to ailments (organized by Whole Health Medicine Institute), discovered a book by Dr. Alan Gordon Way Out, and took additional courses on pain management. I experienced the disappearance of my upper and mid back pain, WHILE walking and listening to “Curable Healing Meditation.” That’s when I knew: Pain reduction in fibromyalgia is possible, is available to everyone, and is safe and effective for anyone to try.


I was able to figure out how to turn down my pain significantly (sometimes it is 100 percent gone and sometimes it comes back at a lesser degree than it used to before). As a result I feel passionate about helping women with fibromyalgia do it too.