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Winning at Fibromyalgia Academy Online Course



Thank you for considering signing up for the Spring session of Winning at Fibromyalgia Academy. I know I can help you.

I am Dr. Martina Ziegenbein, a Rheumatologist with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I discovered how to modulate my fibromyalgia pain and I can help you do the same

WINNING AT FIBROMYALGIA Academy is an innovative, first of its kind, immersive and fully online course that teaches and SHOWS its students tools to reduce their fibromyalgia pain.

It consists of 8 lectures and 9 weeks of zoom coaching calls with me where I teach, coach and SHOW you the WHAT (about pain) and the HOW (to modulate it).

Without meds, from the comfort of your home, you can zoom with me in your PJs :-)

The Spring session launches May 3rd, 2023.

This course is available at 3 installments of $333. 

(60 day money back guarantee once the course launches!) What? Yes :-)

What’s there NOT to love?

What will you get out of this course:

  • Understanding the neuroscience of pain, how we know it is real and tools that help.
  • The feeling of control as a result because you will know what to do for your pain.
  • A new awareness of other things in your life affecting your pain.
  • A tool box you can choose from, every day, to make the pain better.
  • Worksheets to remind you of your new daily practice

Don’t wait, join me.You will be happy you made this choice.

I want you to know what I know about pain and how to make it better.

“The Mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What People Are Saying:

Dr Martina is a lovely person who really puts in the effort to help and understand you. She is very punctual en treats you like a human instead of a patient. Something that is very unique in the medical world. She teaches techniques that you can apply yourself and for the rest of your life. Which can be very helpful and gives you something to work with. The more you apply the knowledge into your daily life them more you will benefit from them.


This class was something that I never knew I needed! I have learned so much about the way FMS affects my brain, and what to do when issues arise so that I can feel better both physically and mentally. Martina has been such a pleasure to work with, as sort of guide who has helped raise my awareness about how the brain processes pain. I feel confident now that when the pain starts, I will be able to figure out the best way to regulate it and feel much more comfortable in my skin! The class was very well thought out and well-paced, which allowed me to absorb and retain the information easily. I would recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain and is curious about learning ways to manage it. Thank you! Thanks so much for your teachings over the past few months! I feel lucky because we were able to have so much one on one time. I hope that you will be able to expand this class to many more students in the future!