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Date: February 24th @ 1:00PM EST

Discover How to begin your journey of winning at fibromyalgia and chronic pain  WITH Dr. Martina Ziegenbein. Even if you think it’s not possible!


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Date : February 24th 

Time : 1:00PM eastern time 

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I look forward to seeing you there! You will be gifted a free ebook when you sign up and attend the workshop, designed in accordance from my online course, Winning at Fibromyalgia Academy. 

Martina Ziegenbein MD

Do you frequently experience pain and just don't know how to alleviate it?

If so, I can help you!

I am Dr Martina Ziegenbein, a Rheumatologist and a pain coach. I have a special interest in understanding chronic pain. I help my patients and clients with chronic pain feel better.

I designed a special course where I teach you the same! I guide and show you how to feel better if you experience chronic pain. 

Join me at my workshop on Saturday, February 24th @ 1:00PM EST at no cost to you! 

I will share the science behind chronic pain as well as the steps you can take to start feeling better right away. 

One of the prior participants who is a Rheumatologist herself, commented that she learned more in my workshop than in her fellowship training! 

Don't miss out! It's time to live your life again!


THE Winning at Chronic Pain Workshop

Do you have fibromyalgia or other type of chronic pain ?

Do you struggle with pain or fatigue and don’t know where to turn ?

Were you told that pain relief was not possible without meds and procedures ?

If answer to any of the above was a “yes” my masterclass is for YOU. 

As a board-certified practicing rheumatologist I specialize in helping patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia lead better lives and reduce their physical pain. You don’t need more medications or procedures to feel better.

I explain the basics of pain and why it matters for you to know, how our pain is not just a physical sensation and lastly I show you three different things you can start doing TODAY to start editing your pain. 

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It's time to take your first step into freedom from fibromyalgia! 

Chronic Pain Coaching


All the tools you NEED to take the next step into  Freedom

The transformation I offer as a coach happens after you have full understanding and acceptance of the neuroplasticity of our brain and its amazing capacity to rewire the pain pathways (and create new neuronal Pathways)!Techniques that help activate the parasympathetic nervous system are those that reduce the physical pain.


As a coach I help you identify what those are. Also as a coach I help you uncover all those doubts that your brain will offer to you in the process. I will help you challenge them and win over them. I will be there with you, in your corner, as a cheerleader and someone with knowledge of and first hand experience with chronic pain.


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Dr. Martina Ziegenbein, MD

I am a board certified, practicing Rheumatologist and I have had chronic pain for a long time. I did not know how to effectively, and consistently reduce it. It bothered me that as a Rheumatologist I was not able to provide a better answer for my patients with chronic pain, other than meds and some general information. I did not believe that the pain relief was available to me. Things changed drastically in 2021 for me. I had just started a year-long course focused on a holistic, integrative approach to chronic diseases (organized by Whole Health Medicine Institute) and while at its first retreat I started healing a significant traumatic experience from my childhood. Soon after I came across a book by Dr. Alan Gordon Way Out and experienced the disappearance of my upper and mid back pain, while listening to one of the meditations I discovered through his book. It was glorious and I knew then this was my "proof". Pain reduction in fibromyalgia is possible, available to everyone, and a safe and effective method for anyone to try. In the months since my initial discovery, and as a result of the trauma healing mentioned earlier, I experienced disappearance of my pelvic pain and learned to modulate my other pains (sometimes they are 100 percent gone and sometimes it comes back at a lesser degree than it used to). My mission in life has become helping other women with fibromyalgia achieve this result. 

Check out my TEDx Talk: How The Brain Has Power Over Our Pain.

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