How to win at fibromyalgia


As a board-certified Rheumatologist, I have seen hundreds of patients with fibromyalgia over the years. I have learned that the pain can be all consuming. I have also learned that you are not your disease and you are not your pain.

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Why Work With Me

I will share empowering knowledge about your pain that in itself can feel freeing and reduce the pain. I will show you strategies to make it less noticeable. I will help you re-define your relationship with the pain with the end result of you being free from the reins of the pain. I will be your guide and cheerleader along the entire process and you will never walk alone.


Understand your pain

Understanding the origins of your pain is the first step in making the necessary changes that improve (or eliminate) it.





All I ask of you is to believe that you can, in fact, heal your pain and fully enjoy your life. Our bodies are meant to heal, they want to heal, if only we give them a chance. I will be there for you along the way, guiding you in every step, until the desired result.


Live the life you want

You will look at your life and discover parts that are out of alignment with your true self. Healing involves collaboration of the heart, mind, body and the soul. We will customize the plan of action so that it suits your unique situation. You will slowly transition into a new life with less physical pain, one you fully enjoy.

" With Martina Ziegenbein MD Coaching you experience transformations in your life and pain that will allow you to enjoy your life again. "


What Do Others Think About Me?


I want to thank you Dr. Ziegenbein. My visit with you last week was a breakthrough for me. We need more doctors like you. I referred three of my friends to you. 

LM (December 2021, Cape Cod MA)






Dear Dr. Z: Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your care and concern for me as your patient. You are very wise, smart, knowledgeable, and thoughtful in providing care to me and dealing with an uncertain diagnosis. To say I will miss you is an understatement, but I wish you great happiness in your personal life too. You have been one of my very special “earth” angels and I am forever grateful!


Judy H. (former patient, WI)

Dear Dr. Ziegenbein: you literally gave me my life back when I became your patient in March 2020. Your medical expertise and empathetic nature truly helped me to understand and accept my auto-immune disease. I am sorry to see you leave Wausau, WI but sincerely wish you well on your move to Massachusetts.


Joleen D. (former patient, WI)




My Dr told me that I would feel good the next day, she was right. I am an old dog and have been treated by many doctors but I was extremely impressed. My Dr was exceptionally outstanding in her bedside manner and how my examination was presented, well appreciated doc.


Roland B. (current patient, MA)




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