Winning at Chronic Pain

As a board certified Rheumatologist, I have seen hundreds of patients with fibromyalgia over the years. I have learned that the pain can be all consuming. I have also learned that you are not your disease and you are not your pain.

Why Work With Me

I am not only a board certified Rheumatologist but also someone who has experienced pain for many years. I have the gifts of knowledge, first hand experience, and the calling to help you.

Shift your entire perspective

Neuroscience has given us so much data over the last 25 years and the message is clear: our minds and bodies are connected. Understanding this will start to shift your perspective on pain and lead to steps you may not have thought to take. 

Rewrite your story

Western medicine does not teach physicians to listen to the story of their patients in pain. And the story is where all the information is. Our story matters and is connected to most, if not all physical ailments we experience as humans. Working with me means understanding (and rewriting) your own story. 

Live the life you want

The experience of paradigm shifting perspective and seeing your life in a new life may be enough to feel improvements in pain. In addition, you will learn science backed tools to be ready to deal with ANY circumstance you may encounter on your life journey. 

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How The Brain Has Power Over Our Pain.

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With Martina Ziegenbein MD Coaching you experience transformations in your life and pain that will allow you to enjoy your life again.


What Do Others Think About Me?

Thank you Dr. Ziegenbein for your thoughtful care. I can’t thank you enough for the relief I felt when I suddenly realized that horrible pain really was gone. Thank you for giving me my life back!


Nancy M. (former patient, WI)

Dear Dr. Z: Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your care and concern for me as your patient. You are very wise, smart, knowledgeable, and thoughtful in providing care to me and dealing with an uncertain diagnosis. To say I will miss you is an understatement, but I wish you great happiness in your personal life too. You have been one of my very special “earth” angels and I am forever grateful!


Judy H. (former patient, WI)

Dear Dr. Ziegenbein: you literally gave me my life back when I became your patient in March 2020. Your medical expertise and empathetic nature truly helped me to understand and accept my auto-immune disease. I am sorry to see you leave Wausau, WI but sincerely wish you well on your move to Massachusetts.


Joleen D. (former patient, WI)

My Dr told me that I would feel good the next day, she was right. I am an old dog and have been treated by many doctors but I was extremely impressed. My Dr was exceptionally outstanding in her bedside manner and how my examination was presented,  well appreciated doc.


Roland B. (current patient, MA)

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