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Episode 27: Practicing Stillness with Dr. Nissa Keyashian, adult psychiatrist

Today I am bringing to you Dr. Nissa Keyashian, an adult psychiatrist practicing and living in San Jose, CA. Her generosity in sharing her expertise may prove to be the most consequential of my guest episodes. We talk about mindfulness and stillness - the basics of what it means and how to start practicing.

STudies have shown that pain responds to stillness because that's when the "healing response" and parasympathetic nervous system are activated. Practicing stillness helps our mind, mood, immune system, sleep, and physical body in general.

Nissa shares the following gems:

- the 7 principles of mindfulness (and yes, she had to repeat it twice for me and I did not delete it from the episode :))

- The basics of practicing stillness

- Benefits of yoga

- Importance of forgiveness

- What was helpful the most to her as she started her mindfulness journey years ago.

- How to move through grief.

SHe can be found on AMindfulMD.com

SHe has a beautiful book out and you can pre-order it here:https://www.amazon.com/dp/1638077983?utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1g2KDbwnTqLavgZ7vocDcDEXsTIUW-Il8-WloKzFC1Ekj7cZXYTXmeU7o



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