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Episode 28: On recovering from traumatic brain injury and living with pain with Dr. Susan Hughes

Episode 28: Recovering from Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic pain with dr. Susan Hughes


Dr. Susan Hughes is a board certified currently non-practicing family medicine physician who survived and recovered from traumatic brain and other body injuries 8 years ago. She reveals:


- how it was to get through trauma of a car accidents, subsequent fall out including difficulty reading, speaking and remembering things and people and inability to continue practice medicine.

- Recovery is not linear

- She was not being the person whse wanted to be so At one point she had to make a decision to grow into a person she wanted to be – she poured herself into professional development

  • Traumatic brain injury – the damage is not clearly visible (like a broken limb) and people may not believe that your symptoms are real/that you are not making them up!
  • How you perceive something is how you receive something
  • It is equally important to heal physically AND emotionally from the trauma. Important to talk to mental health provider if suffering mentally/emotionally
  • She is now a speaker, author (chapter in a book GIFT of the Universe), coach, and connector


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