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Episode 30: Dr. Saloni Sharma on solution for back pain

Episode 30: With Dr. Saloni Sharma on Solutions for back pain


I was so excited to talk to Dr. Sharma about back pain. Back pain is one of the most common problems of humans in general, and it does frequently bother patients with fibromyalgia. Dr. Sharma is a dual certified in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) and Pain management. She is medical director of the Orthopedic Integrative Health Center at Rohmans Orthopedics and specializes in the NON-operative care of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. She recently wrote and published a BOOK on back pain called THE PAIN SOLUTION and she CAME TO MY PODCAST TO TALK ABOUT IT! You are in for a treat.


In addition to the above qualifications, she studied Lifestyle medicine, Functional medicine and Integrative medicine through the Andrew Weill program at the Univ of Az. She had studied yoga and meditation, mindfulness and acupuncture!


We talked about:

  • How she went from being traditionally trained pain medicine and Physical medicine and rehab specialist focused on physical causes and meds/interventions to Integrative realm where ALL modalities coexist in harmony AND WHOLE person is treated
  • WHOLE person integrative approach is what allows for more effective approach to pain
  • The exposure to yoga and meditation is part of her Indian culture and heritage
  • A lot of patients ASK about non-traditional things BEYOND the injections and meds!
  • She formed the integrative health center where she spends more time with patients and addresses all aspects of their life and health
  • The book PAIN SOLUTION came out of desire and necessity to help our patients with chronic pain more
  • The Relief 5R pillar plan:
    • Refuel (nutrition) – microbiome, fermented foods, sugar drama (answer – moderation)
    • Recharge (sleep/rest) – “build a sleep cave” (cool, dark and comfortable)!; “bedtime revenge procrastination” – avoid if you can (no screen time for 90 minutes before bedtime) BECAUSE I DESERVE IT (screen free time, mindfulness)
    • Re-vitalize (exercise): start small, literally even 5 minutes is better than 0!
    • Refresh (stress reduction) : “adult time out” – whatever gives us joy
    • Relate (relationship)
  • What is microboost
  • Microbiome: PAIN GUT connection, PAIN J
  • OINT connection
  • Few words of advice:
    • Take small steps, don’t beat yourself about setbacks.
    • There is no one single cure rather pieces of puzzle that just need to fit right, you have to figure which out works for you.
    • Set a goal, Write it down, commit to it. Your goal, you own it.
    • Track your progress and pat yourself on the back, give yourself praise.







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