Episode: Weaving the threads (of WInning at Fibromyalgia philosophy) together

Episode 37: Weaving the threads (of Winning at fibromyalgia philosophy) together


Hello friends.


In the past few episodes I discussed individual pieces of the Core Winning at Fibromyalgia program. Today I am coming on here for a sweet short episode to recap, and emphasize the most important pieces and what I am doing about it.


I do strongly recommend listening to prior episodes to learn more about the individual steps.

In summary, they include:

  • The Neuroplasticity concept – the principle of this is that our central nervous sytem/brain can produce pain that is felt in the body, and more importantly, that it does not have to stay that way. Our brain has an amazing, incredible capacity to rewire itself, with a little bit of help.
  • The concept of Belief - in own’s body ability to heal, in our brain capacity to rewire, in ourselves, and our ability to get better.
  • Letting go of the attachment to the outcome. In short it means we can want something very much (to reduce our pain and improve our lives) but it can create a lot of pressure on our brain so it helps to feel certain lightness about our desire and journey to pain reduction. More curiousity and self compassion.


  • The work – mindfulness based techniques that incoude somatic tracking, self compassion, healing emotional wounds from the past.


The most important pieces, in my opinion and the common denominator in all success stories are the belief in one’s ability to get better, to heal, to be pain free or with significantly less pain AND fierce self -love.


I have found on my own journey and from listening to the many women who got better – they believe and they love on themselves. Self-love can be hard to recognize as self love because the societal norms tell us what we “should” and should not do. And we put that pressure on ourselves. Some of the examples of the opposite of self love is:

  • Putting others’ need ahead of your own – repeatedly. Many many moms do that. Every day. I just spoke to a good friend of mine whose husband took their kids to his parents for a weekend. For the first time in a long time she had 3 days to herself. She did not know what to do with herself. It was like a vacation. ALL MOMS need that. IF we don’t get our cups filled first, we cannot be tehre for other people, our subconcious brain detects a threat and boom, low level fight or flight reaction/stress response is on.
  • Working long hours just to be a good employee or feeling loyal to your employer. I am guilty of this and I am working hard on resolving this issue for myself. Many physicians and non-physicians in health care suffer from this condition – feeling responsible for the patient’s outcome so putting in extra time, extra mile to get things done. And many times that is appropriate and even desirable. But not every day, not all the time. The same applies to other industries.


  • Staying in a toxic relationship or seemingly happy relatioinship when our intuition is screaming at us that we should get out.


We only have ONE precious life. We have to treat it like gift, we have to treat our health and our bodies as gifts.


What we feel, what we are going through matter. We should not be miserable at work or in life every day.


So here is what my team and I are doing.

Starting at the end of September,

I will be hosting weekly calls,

For women interested in supportive community and more knowledge about fibromyalgia and what to do about it.

We meet and talk about a topic each week

I share ways to assess your fibromyalgia and then

Prompts to do the tools

Or simply answer your questions


Being part of the supportive group where everyone knows what the other might have gone through thanks to fibromyalgia is priceless.


Support is the other key factor in becoming successful at winning at fibromyalgia. Support of people who know what you are going through, who hear you, see you AND believe in you.

That’s what I will be doing for you guys.

There will be a small fee associated with this activity, paid monthly, it will be a close knit and private community to get us started.

We will get to know each other story well, to whatever is each of you feeling comfortable,

And we share our knowledge and stories and tips every week

I will moderate it and it will be a positive, private, and confidential type of setting where everyone participating will feel comfortable and safe.



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