Episode 42: On healing/relaxation response and pain relief with Dr. Robyn Tiger

Today's guest: Dr. Robyn Tiger

Physician | Trauma-Informed Self-Care Coach | Podcaster

Dr. Tiger shares so much good stuff it is hard to know where to start.

Robyn Tiger, MD is on a mission to empower busy humans with self-care tools backed by science and research. She does a lot of work with physicians on the verge of burnout or coming out of burnout but the tools she discusses in this episode are literally for EVERYONE.

At the beginning of the episode i asked her how she got to do the work she does - and she shares her OWN journey, how terrible her body felt while she was still working as a breast imaging radiologist. Her symptoms included body pain reminiscent of fibromyalgia and HOST of other symptoms that were ALL related to stress but nobody could diagnose it for her!

The signifcance of this episode that MOST of our chronic stress symptoms are completely reversible! IF and WHEN we are ready to start implementing simple, effective and ancient tools that old cultures thousands of years ago before us knew.

Dr. Tiger is certified in yoga therapy, meditation and life coaching. She offers innovative CME accredited courses, private coaching, and podcast that focus on complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being and resilience

When she’s not busy supporting her colleagues, Robyn can be found enjoying her own self-care through hiking, paddle boarding, meditating, yoga, playing with her dog, husband and kids in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

SHe is a host of Stress Free MD and her website is:




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