Episode 43: Winning at fibromyalgia online course available for the first time

WAF Episode 44: The first of its kind, Winning at Fibromyalgia online course is born!



Hello friends!


Today is a special day. First of all, I am recording this from my “studio” in England and when it airs, I will still be in England! Of course, I don’t have a studio in England, I am visiting my sister and she lives in England, about 30 minutes southwest from London and so temporarily my recording studio is here

 Second, today is day 3 of my new Winning at Fibromyalgia online course going live, meaning being available for purchase. This course is basically the labor of my study and research and seeing patients over the past 12 months and my desire to let the knowledge know the large swaths of people with fibromyalgia and other forms of similar chronic pains.

 What triggered me to get myself into high gear action was the culmination of events. I mentioned to you in one of the prior episodes I am working on a tedx talk about this new way of handling and reducing pain in fibromyalgia. I have continued seeing many women in my office with fibromyalgia and one of them literally told me she has felt crazy in medical offices when she would talk to physicians and other health care providers about her pain. Because she looks well, she did not feel believed, even dismissed. She felt she was viewed as a drug seeker when all she wanted was feeling better, feeling NORMAL.


If health care makes people feel crazy, something is very wrong. We can do better. I can do better.

 So I have put together an online format of material that I normally teach my patients in person, over the course of several sessions. It is an online program that teaches you everything about fibromyalgia and how to help yourself. It includes scientific information that I dissect into small digestible pieces. You learn at your own pace. From the comfort of your home.

 I am offering it for a super discounted price of 249 USD to a small number of participants who are eager to take advantage of this opportunity and realize this is a rare opportunity. This small group of learners we ask for your feedback on the course.

 t will only be available for purchase at this price tag until this coming Thursday. We will then close the cart and reopen in December at probably doubled price.8

 So why is it such a big deal?

  1. It is first and only course of its kind at the moment in this space. You will not find another course geared toward humans suffering from fibromyalgia, not of this quality and not at this price.
  2. When you purchase my course, you will have the advantage of learning from the Comfort of your home, even your PJs!
  3. Price tag of 249 USD – I do not exaggerate when I say the courses of this kind, containing the type of information I cover are worth THOUSANDs of dollars. Thousands. I am making it available at this price so that it can become available to as many people with fibromyalgia of you as many are willing to learn and find out.
  4. I have a unique combination of skills that were crucial for putting this course together – I am a rheumatologist so I have been seeing patients with fibromyalgia for over 15 years, I have the condition myself, and last but not the least I took special interest in understanding and trialing the tools to help – and proofed them on myself.
  5. The information included in the course is the magic sauce:
    1. Scientific information I gathered over the course of many years as a rheumatologist and put it in small easy to digest bites. Examples of such information is how we know the pain in real in Fibromyalgia and what kind of factors affect it.
    2. I also summarize prior research done in the area of how our thoughts and beliefs affect our experiences of pain.
    3. I review, step by step, the WAF method to reduce the pain. It includes somatic experiencing of the pain, being able to be present in the moment and being able to be compassionate with and loving to ourselves.


I am obviously biased and I believe this is a great deal.


I say you jump in and see for yourself.


And until next time





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